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Early Implant Placement in the Esthetic Zone: Surgical Disadvantages and Management
Early implant placement protocol as popularly described entails atraumatic extraction of a tooth in the esthetic zone without a flap followed by a healing time of 4-8 weeks before implant placement. Although numerous studies have shown the success of such technique, there are many factors to consider which may prevent successful implant placement including large destruction of alveolar buccal bone, technique sensitivity, larger surgical flaps and potential for higher surgical morbidity. This case report describes when early implant placement protocol was attempted but not successful and how the case was surgically and prosthetically managed afterwards.
Comparing Conventional and Digital Dentures
Sets of both conventional and digital dentures were made for the same patient and treatment outcomes were quantified for comparison.
Increased anchoring capacity of titanium implants by UV photofunctionalization
UV treatment of titanium immediately prior to use, or UV photofunctionalization, fundamentally improves three surface properties of titanium (regeneration of hydrophilicity, removing hydrocarbon, conversion to electropositive surface) and increases the bone-to-implant-contact from 53% to 98% in animal models.
Implant Cast Verification Index Technique

Clinically confirmed cast accuracy utilizing a verification index has been the standard protocol for assuring passive fit of the definitive restoration from the introduction of the Branemark implant.

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