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Prosthopedia® Copyright Release

It is important that the American College of Prosthodontists has the right to display the work product that is being submitted to Prosthopedia® on its Web site, publish or otherwise disseminate this information to fulfill its mission. To confirm the ACP’s right to display, publish and disseminate this submission for educational purposes please check the accept box, which will constitute your signature and agreement to assign copyright as stated here:

I am authorized to and agree to share the rights, title and interest of the work product I am submitting for Prosthopedia® with the American College of Prosthodontists.


The College is honored that you have agreed to share your work with your colleagues in order to help the ACP fulfill its mission to grow and advance the specialty of prosthodontics.

Please note: If you have questions or concerns about assigning the copyright please email ACP Communications and Marketing Coordinator Lauren Swanson at lswanson@prosthodontics.org or call (312) 573-1260.

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