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Need more information before you submit?

Why should ACP members submit resources to Prosthopedia®?

By sharing we all gain from each other’s expertise and experience. We also show our support for the College and for prosthodontics by building a digital library that will be of great benefit to students, practitioners, educators and researchers. 

How should my resources be prepared?

Click here for instructions on preparing your videos, images and documents to submit to Prosthopedia®.

What information is needed for each resource I submit?

Click here to learn more.

How will my resources be used?

All individuals who share their material will be listed as contributors. All content will be made freely available to our membership for use in teaching or the development of patient education material for practices. 

How should I handle copyright issues?

All submissions to 
Prosthopedia® must be original material that has been created or is owned by the submitter. The submitter is responsible for validating ownership of any materials. Patient images must not be identifiable. If patient images are identifiable they need to be accompanied by a signed release.

The use of images taken from textbooks is not permitted under copyright law. Please replace the image with an original photograph, illustration or a place holder.

Submissions of promotional brochures, advertising, patient education material and interoffice communication are encouraged. In some cases, permission must be obtained from the graphic designer before the material can be reproduced.

To locate the Copyright Assignment Form, click here.

You're ready to submit!

To submit your resources now, click here.
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